Agnes Kunze 1962

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Agnes Kunze Post-war Germany

With post-war Germany - and particularly Munich - in shambles, Agnes Kunze joined hands with Catholic Church workers to mitigate the material and human woes of the refugees-like people of the area.
 Organized relief work like Caritas left her dissatisfied because of the institutional rules it was functioning with, and she rather joined with the unconventional workers, like Rev. Fr Schachtner.
 Not being a nun or a consecrated lay church member, she found more congenial to work at the root (already!) of the problems.
 Therefore she engaged herself as maid –au pair – with American occupant officers’ family, in view to earn her living, but foremost to be at “war-widows” level in their physical, human and moral predicaments which they could unload to an understanding alter-ego companion, at night, in their servants rooms under the roof.
 A decade or so passed in this way, but Agnes was on the look out to go and help leprosy afflicted people –preferably in Africa -, on the tracks of Emmanuel, Francis, or possibly of Albert Schweitzer who started to become known in the 50’s.  
 Put in touch with a visiting Mission catholic Father, she got recommended to the Archbishop of Meerut, North India, who had just having plans to settle thirty leprosy-afflicted beggars.

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